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HAWAII ISLAND JOURNAL, by Bill Taylor, Feb/2000.  "A story about learning about yourself and your limits, about just being yourself, and about relationships (especially father and son)... fun to read... channel crossing stories are downright scary... fear, exhilaration, awe and joy... You'll also laugh a lot.  It's a great book."

CRUISING WORLD MAGAZINE,  Elane Lembo, 8/99:  "Dixon's exuberant story of becoming a blue water sailor through the experience of cruising the Hawaiian Islands."
LATITUDES & ATTITUDES MAGAZINE, Bob Bitchin, Sep/Oct 99:  "If you are planning a sail in the Hawaiian Islands you should read this book before you go...a story book... it tells the inside tales that only a Local Boy could know.  An easy read with lots of inside information."
HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN, from "Water Ways" by Ray Pendleton, 11/6/99:  "Fun to read and even reread.  Dixon's 'Voyages' reminded me of sitting around in the evening with a bunch of sailors telling sea stories.  Many a tale begins on a steady course of seamanship, but before the conclusion, it will take numerous diversionary short tacks on subjects ranging from history and politics, to philosophy, sex and religion.  Along with his joy of sailing and successful voyages, he is unabashed in detailing his errors due to jumbled judgment or lack of experience.  Find a copy of this book.  I think you'll love it."

THE HONOLULU ADVERTISER, Ann Sato, 6/26/99:  "Dixon is a natural storyteller... Dixon weaves together sailing stories and Island legends."

Captain Steve and Commodorable Lila

REBECCA BROWN,, Great Books, Reviews & eInterviews:  "I am thrilled with it!  Very well done.  Great reading-lots of energy, insights, & information.  A beaut of a read... lively & eminently readable.  The taste of the briny with breathtaking writing, photos & useful charts.  A grand adventure!"

RICH ROBERTS, Transpac 2001 Publicity Director:  "A copy of The Hawaiian Voyages of The Ono Jimmy, by Hawaii author Steve Dixon, will be present to each Transpac skipper before the race.  I read the book and liked it.  There is a lot of critical information for Hawaii cruisers, but the thing I like best about it is this: Rather than offering the technobabble opinions of some world-class expert to whom nobody can relate, it's told from the deeply personal point of view of someone who had to learn by overcoming his fears and ignorance --- someone just like the rest of us."


THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW, James A. Cox, 11/99:  "these true-life stories will appeal to anyone who has ever dreamed of sailing the Pacific, visiting the islands, exploring the culture, sampling the food, and living the good life.  The Hawaiian Voyages of The Ono Jimmy is great reading for the armchair traveler."


THE WAIKOLOA BREEZE, Pete Hoffman, 10/99:  "For anyone who has endured the trials and tribulations of a sailboat in these fairly treacherous waters, ... this publication will stir fond memories.  Dixon incorporates his boating experiences, some human interest items with much of the beauty and excitement that is part of our islands."


SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SUN, by Priscilla Roden, 12/15/99:  "The islands and ocean are described in colorful detail.  Armchair travelers and serious sailors will appreciate the adventures and true-life stories.  Dixon bares his heart and pokes fun at himself while weaving together sailing stories and legends of his beloved islands."


EARL HINZ, author Sail Before Sunset and Landfalls of Paradise"A warm, personal account of the fun, thrills and romance of sailing Hawaiian waters... Some of the finest sailing in the world."


PETE BRUCE, author with Adlard Coles, Heavy Weather Sailing"I very much enjoyed this chapter you sent me and will certainly buy the book before coming within a thousand miles of Hawaii... There is a lot of wisdom bound up in the humour."

Other Reader Reviews:


"Here's a book that you will want to read and reread.  What a wonderful book for anyone interested in islands of Hawaii.  I have never been on a sailboat, but I read this book straight through in one whole day and then began to reread several passages that had intrigued me.  My friend wants to borrow it, but I can't let it go."  Judy Divine of California


"This book has it all: adventure, romance, and history.  This experienced sailor writes stories of the trials and errors sailing the Hawaiian Islands.  He also writes of some very exciting places to visit and tells of his stories there.  I highly recommend this book for anyone wanted to sail the Hawaii Islands.  It is also very enjoyable to read a entertainment whether you are a sailor or not."  Pat from Pennsylvania


"Dixon tells tales of himself and humbly admits when he screws up, which makes the book not only valuable but endearing... I would urge the first time Hawaiian sailor to read this book... We keep a copy on our Hawaii-based sailboat... If you want a sampling of one man's invaluable experiences and a taste of real life sailing... by all means get this book."  Anonymous Hawaii Reader